Shivneri Fort : The Birthpalce of the Great Shivaji Maharaj

शिवनेरी Shivneri Fort
One of the most visited and well maintained important fort in Maharashtra State which is the birthplace of the great Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj.
How to Reach : Pune-Peth-Manchar-Kalamb-Narayangaon- take right turn for Junnar-Shivneri fort. Junnar is the situated on the foothill of Fort Shivneri.(Distance approx 100 km)
Parking :
Small Vehicles goes to the midway of the fort. The paved parking place available there only. The paved steps start from the parking only. Buses should be parked at the base only to avoid traffic jam in the Shivneri ghat.

Food and Stay : There are many hotels and restaurants situated in the Junnar City for individuals or groups.

About Trek : 
Most of the people goes by vehicle. Few trekkers prefer to trek it.
The trek start from behind the college building and way to Shivneri fort from east side. On the Google map it is labelled as chain road. The whole trek will take 1 and half hrs to ascend. Last phases are risky where chains are fixed. The chains are quite old so risky to trust on its strength. The chains are broken and remained few pieces. 
If you go by vehicle, then go to the parking point then follow the paved steps going to the fort.

What to See :
The inspiration to visit Shivneri fort is to see the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj. The place is well maintained. It is situated at the end of the fort from entrance side. The Mahal is neatly maintained. The place has inevitable importance in the history of Maharashtra. 
Shivai devi temple, Ambarkhana, Shivkunj, Kadelot Kada,(death punishment) Mahadarawaza, Hatti Darawaza, Badami lake,  Parvangicha Darwaza,  Peir Darwaza, Shipai Darwaza, Phatak Darwaza and Kulambkat Darwaza, water tanks etc.


Kadelot Point

Trek-Safety : 
  • Get latest info about conditions of the chain route.
  • Don't try unnecessary thrill - adventure.
  • Maintain the dignity of the fort. 

Nearby Place : Hadsar fort, Chavand, Narayangad, Nimgiri fort, Naneghat, Darya ghat, Malshej ghat, Lenyadri caves and Ganapati temple etc. 
Lenyadri caves from Shivneri

Junnar city from Shivneri

I visited in 2017 with my student friends - Prof.Mayur Mire, Prof. Jadhav Satish, Raviraj Thorat, Amit Chopade, Nitin Kulkarni and Hanumant Londhe.

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