Raigad Fort Trek

Raigad Fort

Raigad fort is one of the most honored and most visited fort by visitors. You will find crowd in all the seasons. The fort was called Gibralter of the East by Britishers because of its invincible nature. As it is not part of any ridge its difficult to climb from either side. 

Raigad fort is one of the most important fort in the empire of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Samadhi (Mausoleum ) of Great Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj has made this fort holiest fort in Maharashtra. 

How to Reach : 
i) Pune-Bhor-Varandha Ghat - right turn to Goa Mumbai highway-Mahad- right turn to Pachad -Pachad-Raigad Base (Distance approx.160 km) 
(If you want to visit Shivthar ghal  then this route is best. After Varandha ghat take right turn to shivthar ghal.)
Neera Devdhar dam

Varandha ghat

Waghjai Point in Varandha ghat

ii) Pune -Paud-Mulashi-Tahmini-Nizampur -Left turn to Pachad -Base Village (Distance approx. 130 km)
Parking : Ample place for paid parking of all types of vehicles. 

Food n Water : Many Veg and Non Veg restaurants and home mess are available at the base village. Bottled water, cold drinks and snacks are also available. Wash rooms available too. Food and water available on the fort too.

Stay : Home stay, professional hotels for family and big groups are available at the base village. MTDC hotel is there on the top of the fort which available on advance booking.

Pachad : 
The Samadhi (Mausoleum) of Rajmata Jijau, the Mother Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj is situated at the Pachad which is base of the Raigad fort, on Pachad- Nizampur road.You must visit first to Rajmata Samadhi before Raigad trek. A small garnden developed around the Samadhi place.

Abut the Trek :
First visit to Rajmata Jijau palace and Samadhi at the base village Pachad which will take 5/10 minutes drive. 
Start your trek from Hirkani Buruz which is at the left turn from Hotel Raigad farm house, Pachad village. Right side road goes to ropeway. There are few small houses cum restaurants over there. Park your vehicle and can have snacks here. 

It will take 2/3 hrs to ascend.The nature of trek is medium and safe. All ages can trek with safety precautions. No extra trekking tools required. Generally there is shadow on whole trail since its faced towards North direction. 

Rope-way : 
The only rope way of Maharashtra state is here at Raigad. It takes mere 4-6 six minutes to reach on the top by ropeway. There are two connected trolleys, 4 persons each trolley i.e. 8 persons can seat in one trip of the ropeway.  Usually 2/3 hrs wait on weekends. take a form available at ticket office, fill names address and mob number of visitors and give it at the time of buying tickets. 
Rates in October 2017 were as follows: Return journey - Rs. 285, Single journey - Rs. 175, Senior Citizens & Childern below size specific return journey  - Rs. 190.


What to See :
You must take Guides with Rs.400-800/- who are available on the ropeway center at top. They narrate the Raigad history in Marathi, Hindi and English Languages. Without guide you will not understand the greatness and invincibility fort structure.  
Proper direction boards may guide you to see the forts. Follow all the sign boards for best sight seeing.

Mahadarwaja, Hirkani Buruz, Queens palace, Darbar, Nagarkhana, Barudkhana, Mena Darawaja, Palakhi Darwaza, Gangasagr Lake, Jagdisheshwar Temple etc. are main points can be seen on the trail. The major attraction is Takmak Tok, which is high straight cliff at the norht age of the fort which was used to implement death sentences of the guilty. 

The most important monument is the Samadhi (Mausoleum ) of Great Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj. 

3/4 hrs required to see the fort keenly. otherwise you can see takmak tok and Samadhi and return in case.

Takmak Tok

Jagdishwar temple

Name of Architect of the fort - Hiroji Indulkar

Samadhi (Mausoleum ) of Great Chhatrpati Shivaji Maharaj

Surrounding :Konkandiva fort, Rajgad fort, Torna fort, Lingana fort, Railing plateau, Madheghat, Shivthar ghal, Varandha ghat, Mohangad frot, Kavlya fort, Pratapgad etc. such vast and wide view of historical places can be seen from the Raigad fort.

Trek Safety :

  • Avoid long weekends/and vacations due to rush.
  • Follow all the instructions and timings of the rope-way.
  • Don't damage the fortification.
  • Few points are windy. e.g. takmak tok, barudkhana etc. so keep your balance properly.
  • Avoid heavy rainy weather. It rains heavily in the monsoon. 
  • Leave early from Jagdishewhar temple, Samadhi place and takmak tok in the evening. there is mist n fog in rainy and winter season, so possibility to lost. 
  • Follow all rules displayed by govt.
  • Takmak tok buruz is very risky, in spite of side bars and railings, possibility to lose balance. proper care should be taken on kids and over enthusiastic young ones.

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