Sinhgad Fort (Kondhana)

Sinhgad Fort (Kondhana)

How to Reach : 

To Trek - 
i) From Donje -About 25 km from Pune city. Pune- Khadakwasla-Donjegaon- Atakarwadi (Sihgad base village).

Pune to Atkarwadi 
ii)From Kalyan : Pune-Dhayri- Enter on NH48 to Satara side- Shindewadi tunnel - right turn to Khed-Shivapur..
or Pune- Katraj-Old tunnel- right turn to Khed-Shivapur -Arvi-Kondhanpur-Kalyan village ( Base village)

By Vehicle - about 30 km from Pune city. Pune-Khadakwasla-Donjegaon-Golewadi-Left turn to Sinhgad ghat- Checkpoint of Forest dept- Pay the pollution charges - then Ghat of about 8km- Parking on the top.

On the fort by vehicle ( No Trekking)

Parking : 
Free Parking is available on the top for mini buses, cars and bikes. On weekends and holidays the parking usually full, so you have to park in ghat section immediate to parking. 
Paid Parking for trekkers available at Base village i.e. Atkarwadi.

Food and Stay : 
Veg restaurants available on the fort. Local Snacks - Kanda-bhajji (onion pakoda)& Dahi (curd) is very famous. You must try it. Apart from this full veg thali also served. Bottled water available. Stay also available on the top. MTDC hotel and guest house of forest dept are there on the top. 
Much more options for stay and food are available from Khadakwasla dam to base of the 

About Trek :
Its simple to medium trek. Needs approx. 90 mins. to ascend. The trail is well used, so the trek route is clear. Since its most popular fort in Punekars, many people come with family from kids to senior citizens. Need to take care of few parts of the route which become slippery in rainy days. 

What to See : 
This is one of the well maintained fort in the state. The routes are paved. Washrooms and dustbins are maintained.
Pune Darwaza, Horse Stable, Shivsrushti (Media Center), Amruteshwar temple, Kondhaneshwar Temple, Dev-take (Water tank), Hanuman temple, Kalyan Darawza, Tanaji Kada(Cliff), Tanaji Malusre Smruti Mandap, Chhatrapti Rajaram mausoleum , Zunjar Buruz ( Bastion), sun set point.

Tanaji Kada/wind point is most popular spot among tourists. You can see spectacular panoramic view of Sahyadri e.g. Khadakwasla dam, Panshet-Varsgaon dams, Nilkantheshwar temple, Torana & Rajgad fort etc. 

Some area is restricted because of Television towers.

Drinking water of Dev-taake would be refreshing experience. The water tank is clean and healthy. 

The forts is heaven in rainy days. Many waterfalls appears in the monsoon. The fort turns colorful in the month of September and October due to blossom of tiny flowers.


Zunjar buruz

Kalyan Darwaza
Zunjar buruz

Sunset from Tanaji Kada

Nearby places : 
NDA, Khadakwasla dam, Panshet dam, Varasgon dam, Lavasa, Nilkantheshwar temple, Khed-shivapur Darga, Balaji temple,  Bhatghar dam, Purandar fort, Torna fort, Rajgad fort etc. There are many water parks, resorts, adventure park, amusement park etc. on the way after Khadakwasla dam.

Trek-thics :

  • Take care in rainy season about slippery trails.
  • Avoid vehicles on the top on weekends bcz of insufficient place of parking.
  • Take care of over-enthusiastic people and kids on wind-point and Tanaji Kada. 
  • Chhatrapti Rajaram mausoleum is less visited place, so go in group only.
  • Don't throw plastics and wastages on the fort, keep it in dustbins which are kept on fort. 

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