Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort Trek
Visapur fort is less popular because of the craze of the Lohgad Fort. Its near to Lohgad, less fortified than Lohgad. Its huge fort. 

How to Reach : 
About 80 km from Pune. Pune- Mumbai highway- Talegaon -Vadgon- Karle village/Malvali- Bhaje caves-Visapur fort.
By train you can step down at Malvali station. Then 4/5 km walks to the base of Visapur fort. 

You can see Bhaje cave and Bhaje waterfall on the way of Visapur. The Lohgad and Visapur forts have same route from Bhaje village. Food and home stay are available here. 

 There is a pass from were the Lohgad and Visapur fort routes separate. Turn to Left hand side for Visapur fort. You can park your vehicle here.
 The trek has two ways as shown in the image.

Parking : Parking is available at Bhaje village or at the base of the Visapur fort.

Food : Food and water available at base of the Lohgad fort or Bhaje village.

About the Trek :
Total time required to back on the base is approx. 5/6 hrs. Approx.90 mins. ascend and descend each.
The trek route is rocky. There is waterfall on trek route during the monsoon. So take care of thorny and sharp rocks. 

What to See : 
The fort has great extensive plateau. There are not much remains found but a vast plateau is scary. You can see wider view from the fort.

Lohgaad fort, Tung fort, Tikona fort, Pawana dam, Karle-Bhaje caves, Pune-Mumbai Highway, Mulshi are visible from here.

Trek Safety :
Take extra food and water with you.
Go in the group since less trekkers are found.
Plan on weekends.
Take care from rocky routes.

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