(Based on latest visit in November 2017)
Nilkantheshwar is a popular religious place for Hindus. It has a temple of Lord Shiva, called 'Nilkantheshwar'. Late Shri. Shankarao Sarje mama started the development of the temple.
The hundreds of statues of Indian Mythological Gods are the main thing of attraction e.g. Ramayan, Mahabharat, Purana etc.

How to Reach :
About 40 km from Pune. It would take apprx. 100 mins. to reach because last 8-20 km road condition is not good.

Pune-Warje-Shivne- OR- Pune - Sinhgad road- Dhayri - Nanded city - Kirkitwadi - Khadakwasla village- take right turn to dam wall - NDA road 
Then - 
- NDA-Peacock bay (15km)- parallel to Khadakwalsa dam back water -Kudje-Mandvi-Splendor country-Sangrun- Bahuli -Katawadi-take left turn board (25km) - cross a small bridge (its very rough road) - then take trun left - Davaje- take right turn from Jambali (35 km)- its little ascend- then after village little rough road- parking of Nilkantheshwar.

Parking : 
The paid parking place is available for buses, cars, bikes etc. A restaurant, wahsroom and Sarje mama paduka temple situated at the parking place.

Food and Stay : 
Small restaurants are there at the parking and on the top too. Parking restaurant open only on Sunday and religious days. Veg food, pakode, poha, tea, bottled water etc. are available. The vast shades are built near the temple for big groups especially for school students to eat tiffins. Stay facility is available for pilgrims. (Dharmashala). Many local people come to this place on special occasions.

About Trek :
Its a small trek of 30/40 minutes. Kids and senior citizens can ascend on it easily. The trekking route is well shaped and broad unlike forts. 

What to See :

You need at least 2 hours to see the temple, statues and surrounding view.
The temple of Lord Shiv named Nilkantheshwar is well maintained. It is situated on the top of the hill which is surrounded by the forest especially of Neelgiri trees.

Many statues of Hindu Gods are constructed telling stories from Hindu mythology from Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharat etc.

You can see Panshet Dam, Varsgaon dam, Khakwasla dam,Confluence of river Mutha- Ambi river and Ambi-Mose rivers, Sinhgad fort, Torna fort and Rajgad fort.


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