Prabalgad (Muranjan Fort) Trek

Prabalgad प्रबळगड  ( मुरंजन गड )

I went in 21 November 2016 with my students of  B.Ed. course of Tilak College of Education, Pune-30 from Pune and conducted cleanliness campaign on Prabalgad. Parshuram Bhagre, Nitin Kulkarni, Sainath Jagdale, Dinkar Pathawe, Karan Bidve, Hanumant Londhe, Sandip Jadhav & Prasad Wanjale were participated in the campaign of collecting non-degradablematerial spread on the fort. 

How to Reach : About 140 km from  Pune.
Pune to Mumbai highway - Panvel - Right turn from Bharat Petrol Pump - Shedang  - Belvali - Vardoli Village. - Parking spot

Food and Parking :
Parking place is available at Vardoli village supervised by  local people. Its next to village. sufficient place is for bus, car and bikes.
No restaurant found at base. But available at the trek after first phase at Thakurwadi. You will get food, accommodation and guide to go on Prabalgad and Kalvanteen Bruruz. 

Trek : The trek has two phases. First phase start from Vardoli village parking to Thakurwadi. Its steep ascend from turns and jungles. Lemon juice seller are there on spot by spot. It will take up to one and half hour to reach the Prabalmachi, one hotel with Veg-Non-veg food, accommodation and camping facility is available. You can have breakfast over here.
There are two options you have for trek. Left side trail goes to Kalavantin Buruz and left side trail goes to Prabalgad fort. Prabalgad is well covered by forest and Kalavantin buruz is like tower exposed to sunlight. 

Thakurwadi/Prabalmachi to Prabalgad - Take guide from village because difficult to find a way to Prabalgad from deep forest. Prefer Belshing way for trek. It will take one and half hour to reach on the top and two hours to explore the fort. 
Trek is difficult and test the strength and stamina of trekkers. Ascend is high and up. Huge rocks works as steps which may loose. So take care of each step. Most care should be taken when descending. 

What to See : The fort plateau has great extent with fully covered with forest and insects. Follow the instructions by the guide with you. Lord Shiv and Ganesh temple, remians of Rajwada (Palace), Water tanks, Kala (black) Buruz, Matheran view point and Kalavantin buruz view point. Once you reach on top, take left turn for Kalavantin Buruz view point. After 15/20 minutes you will reach at the edge and will be enchanted to see spectacular view of Kalavantin Durg/buruz ! You can see to long distance up to Panvel. On the way you can see the Kala-Buruz and historic water tank. Take care ! there is no safety guards or wall here ! 
Come back and proceed to right hand trail to see Lord Shiv & Ganesh temples, Kala buruz top, remains of the 'Wada' and Matheran view point from dense jungle. Don't explore without guide. Once you back to the thakurwadi, take rest, have some food then proceed to Kalavantin Durg.

Thakurwadi to Kalavantin Durg/Buruz : Its a tower like mount. Its very steep, near vertical ascend. There is no safety guards. No chance of mistake. There are steps but those are smooth. If someone is not sure, don't force him/her to proceed. Its a life -death risk. Give way to descending trekkers. Keep coordination coming-going trekkers.Make a way to each other. Give hand of help on risky steps.  Last step before top is highly risky. It may take 30/40 minutes to reach on the narrow top.This will give you memorable satisfaction. More care should be taken when descending. 
Do this job seriously, over enthusiasm may risk your and others life. 

Safety : 
  • Take a guide from village. 
  • No Mobile Coverage. 
  • Less Number of trekkers. 
  • Dense and deep Jungle. 
  • Huge extent of the fort.
  • Preserve your energy ! 
  • Slop is steep and vertical ! Keep every step carefully especially on Kalavantin Durg !
  • Difficult to reach rescue and help on the spot. 
  • Insects and animals may be encountered. 
  • Keep water and food for emergency ! 
  • Keep distance from insects and animals ! 
  • Don't bring Kids , over confidence and over enthusiastic friends and physically weak persons. 
  • Don't litter on the fort. Carry all plastic bottles, rappers, plates, carry bags etc.back with you !
Best Season : 
From October to January ! From Parking to parking it may take 8 to 10 hours to complete both treks of Prabalgad and Kalavantin durg. Better to take halt and do a camping !


restaurant at Prabalmachi


Kalavantin Durg

Remains of Wada


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