Torna Fort ( Prachandgad) Trek

Torna Fort
तोरणा (प्रचंडगड )

It was first fort won by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and laid foundation of the 'Swaraj', hence this fort is historical importance. Torn means a holy series of flowers fixed at the entrance door of the home. Since it was the first fort won by great Shivaji, its shows the entrance/ begging/first step of the Swaraj ! 

 How to Reach : About 60 km from Pune. There are two ways to reach from Pune.

i) Pune - Khadakwasla - Khanapur - left turn - Pabe Ghat - Pabe village - right turn - Velhe - base . ( 50 km). Pabe Ghat is lonely and little risky ascend.

ii) Pune - to Banglore highway - Shidnewadi Toll Plaza - Nasrapur - right turn from highway NH 48 to velhe - keep on state SH 65- Baneshwar - Vinzer - Velhe ( 60km). This route is litter longer but road conditions are better and safe.
 Torna fort
Torna fort and its surrounding forts

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Parking :  Sufficient place of parking available for buses, cars and bikes. Many restaurants and safe parking places. 
Food : Many restaurants available at Velhe which is the base of Torna fort. All kind of veg and non veg Indian food is available. Since Velhe is taluka place, availability of all resources are good e.g food, water, mobile recharge, internet cafe, medicine, petrol pumps, accommodation, police etc. Local food may available on the fort on weekends.Only Pohe, Pakode and water available on the top. So carry food from base only.


About Trek : It is quit challenging trek of 8 to 10 hrs to ascend-explore-descend. The trek starts near from Velhe police station. It may take 150 mins. approx. The trail is clear and visible. The last phase is steep with vertical ascend. Chains/bars are fixed for support but they are old now. Last phase will test your stamina and physical strength. Half of the trek is covered with Karvi plants which works as safe guard to valley.

What to See : It is huge fort. As it is also called as 'Prachandgad' means huge fort. You need at least 3 hrs. to explore fort including Budhala maachi.

Binni Darwaja : First entrance after a hectic trek from Velhe with steep ascend welcomes you.

Steep Ascend to Binni Darwaja

Kothi Darwaja : After few ascending steps you reach to Kothi Darwaja. 

Kothi Darawaja

Hanuman Buruz: Its a buruz from where we enter in the forts from velhe side trek.

Mariaai temple : At the first entrance 'Kothidwar' take left to see 'Mariaai' temple which is not visible easily.
Mariaai temple

Mengai devi Temple : Mengai Temple situated at the middle of the fort. Some trekkers make stay in the the temple. You will find small restaurant on the way which can make available local food and snacks on weekends only or prior indiction on weekdays. 

Mengai devi temple

Zuajar Machi : Its a huge machi. Machi is place at the corner of the fort situated on the top of fortified wall from where one can keep eye on the larger area.  
You can see Purandar fort, Rajgad fort, Sinhgad fort and Rohida fort.

Zunjar Machi

Konkan Darwaja : It is a way used to go Budhala machi, Rajgad and konkann region.
Konkan Darwaja Fort from Budhla machi


Budhala Maachi : It is a huge structure which is longest tail of the mount. Its like a another fort on the fort. You need atleast an hour to see and come back on main fort. You can go here to Rajgad. Trekkers who do Rajgad-Torna connecting trek, they go from Budhala machi towards Rajgad.
Rajgad, Konkan diva fort, Raigad fort, Lingana fort, Madheghat, Mahabaleshwar- Arther seat point etc. great extensive land is visible from Budhala machi.
Budhla Machi 

 way to Budhla machi and Rajgad
Radtondi Buruz
There are historic water tanks also found on the fort. 


Best Season : August to April. Avoid rainy days and hot summer.

Trek Safety : 
  • Keep on watch on time when going to Budhala machi.
  • Don't walk on fortified walls.
  • Don't litter of material taken with you. take its back. 
  • Avoid weekdays, you will find hardly any trekker on weekdays.
  • Plan well if going to Rajgad with overnight stay, Take help from Velhe people, they are always ready to help and guide. 
  • Don't swim in the historical tanks.
Torna from Madheghat road
From Singapur road
from Lingana road

Rajgad from Torna
Raigad & Lingana from Torna

Sinhgad & Purandar forts from Torna

Wonders of nature at Torna :
 Cleanliness campaign by our team - Trekking Paltan, Pune. 

Nitin Kulkarni, Hanumant Londhe, Bharat Bambale, Dinakr Pathwe, Suresh Isave, Sainath Jagdale, Parshuram Bhangre, Karan Bidve



  1. खुप खुप आभारी आहे सर खूप छान माहिती मिळाली आम्हला तुमच्या ब्लॉग मधून

  2. खुप खुप आभारी आहे सर खूप छान माहिती मिळाली आम्हला तुमच्या ब्लॉग मधून