Rajgad Fort Trek : The first capital of The Great Shivaji Maharaj's Swaraj

राजगड Rajgad Trek
The fort has historical importance. It is the first capital of Maratha Empire. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj spent most portion his life on the fort.

How to Reach : Its a about 60 km from Pune. 
From Gunjavane village : Pune-Banglore Highway-Toll plaza- Nasrapur stop-right turn to Velhe road- Margasani village - left turn - Sakhar village -left turn for Gujavane village - Base of the trek

From Pali village : Pune-Banglore Highway- Toll Plaza- Nasrapur stop-right turn to Velhe road- Margasani village - left turn - Sakhar village-Vajeghar bk.- right turn for Pali village- Dardige wadi - Pali Village - base of the trek

From Bhor : Pune-Banglore Highway - Toll Plaza - Ketkawle Fata- Right turn to Bhor- Bhatghar dam- right turn before Bhataghar dam to Malwadi- Bhandravali road-Jogawadi - Wadhane- Kambare -Kurunji - Bhandravali - Male village -base of the trek.
There are buses and jeeps available up to the base villages from Swargate Pune. 

Food n Parking : There is a place for the parking all type vehicles at the base village i.e. Gunjvane or Pali. There amny local hotels at the base village and on the top for food and water !
Shri. Rasal Patil- 8275486398/ 7776099165/ 7219356590 - (Dattaprasad Hotel) can make arrangement of food and stay at the base and on the fort too.

How is Trek : Trek is moderate and it may take 2/2:30 hrs to the main fort from Gunjvane side. It will test your stamina. From Pali village there are step after half way, so which easier than Gunjavane side trek. 

Then Ballekilla is hard trek of 30/40 minutes. it is very steep and risky. more risky in monsoon.

What to See : There are many Monuments on the fort. Padmavati lake, Padmawatidevi Temple, Padamvati maachi, Suvelaa Maachi,Sanjeewani Maachi, Chor Darawaja, Maha darwaja, Pali Darwaja, Balle killa, Rameshwar Temple, Bazarpeth, Rajwada, Sadar etc.

Forts visible from Rajgad : Raigad, Torana, Sinhgad, Konkan diva fort, Rohida fort, Raireshwar Fort etc.

Rajgad to Torna trek - One night Halt trek is popular among trekkers which connects Sanjiwani Maachi of Rajgad to Budhala Machi of Torna Fort. 

Precaution : Special precautions should be taken in monsoon for ballekilla trek. Be aware from monkeys and honeybees. should not tease them.

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