Waghjai Temple Trek

वाघजाई देवी मंदिर 

The Information is based on my latest visit in June 2015

Waghjai temple is a heavenly beautiful spot at Varandha ghat. Its is small easy family trek. There are many restaurants where many vehicle stop to refresh. The trek is on the same ridge where the stop is there.

How to Reach : It is about 95 km from Pune. The way is Pune - Bhor - Varandha ghat road -Waghjai Temple stop- Mahad. From this spot Bhor is about 40 km and Mahad is about 25km. The road from Pune to Bhor is excellent. Ghat section is quit rough when I visited. There are two stops where small restaurants are there. First stop in on the small plateau kind of place, but you go ahead where valley is on the right hand side and mountain edge on the left hand side. 
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Parking : Parking place is a road aside where you can park vehicle. See that it will not create a obstacle to ghat traffic because the road is not so wider. Park your vehicle at safer place where less possibility of land slide. Please close all windows of a four wheeler properly because dare monkeys enters in a vehicle in search of food. They don't have any fear of human. They can pull out things from your hands. They can enter in your car in front of your eyes.

Food and Water : The Marathi snacks like tasty Vada-paw,  spicy Kanda-Bhaji (onion pakoda) and Chilly pakoda, Pohe, fresh lemon juice and refreshing tea is available on the stall at waghaji stop. Full meal is not available. Full meal would at Bhor or Mahad. Bottled water  is available.

How to trek : Its very simple and short time trek. Ask about a trek route to stall owners. It will take one hour to return. It has just 20 Min. trek to reach Waghjaimata temple on the top. Monkeys are on the security of it. There are caves on the other side of the ridge on the same trail. Be aware of dare monkeys. Be careful about kids that they should not carry anything that looks like a food.  

Some people carries bananas specially for monkeys in the Varandha valley.

You can see Kavlya fort, Raigad fort, Torna fort, Rajgad fort, Lingana, Konkandiva, Madheghat, Shivtharghal and beautiful panoramic view of Varandha ghat with full of waterfalls in rainy season. 

Monsoon is the best season to trek. You will feel heavenly in monsoon. Visit only on Sundays because its very odd destination and unknown to trekkers.

Please visit in Rainy season to experience heavenly beautiful ghat, waterfalls, hair pin turns on a road and tasty Marathi snacks. 

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