Tung/Tungi Fort Trek

तुंग / तुंगी गड
How to Reach : 
1) Pune-Paud-Left Turn Kolvan-Hadashi-Javan-Left Turn-Tungi Fort (Total 90KM)
2) Pune-Lonavala- Bhushi Dam-Lions Point-Ghusalkhamb Left Turn-Tungi (Total100KM)  

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Food n Water : Food and water is not available at the base and on the top as well. Lion point Lonavala and Javan-Kolvan are near by places where you can get food and water, which is about 15/20 km from the base.

Parking : Parking place for car and two wheeler is available at the base. Some villagers supervise parking on weekends.

Petrol Pump & Police Station : At Lonavala and Paud. Distance from fort is about 35 km.

About Trek : The trek is simple and short. 45 mins to 60 mins to reach the top. The trek route is very steep and narrow. Be careful. No place to take support on trek route. With a adequate care, all age of people can trek it.

What to See on the Fort : The Tung Fort is very small fort. its shape is like a pyramid. So narrow on the peak. Ganapti and Shivshankar temple are there. You can see Pawna dam, Lohgad, Visapur, Tikona etc. from the top.

Nearby Tourists Places : Khandala, Lonavala, Lohgad,Visapur, Tikona,Hadashi Temple of Vitthal and Ashram of Satya Sai, Abmi valley, Koraigad, Tailbaila, Ghangad, Karle-Bhaje-Bedase Caves etc.

Best Season -
Since its a simple trek you can visit anytime of the year. Monsoon is the best with clouds on the top.

On the Way of the Fort from Lonavla to Tungi 

( The info is based on 2013 visit)

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