Thoseghar - Chalkewadi

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Sajjangad - Thoseghar - Chalkewadi
Pune-Satara-Sajjangad-Thoseghar-Chalkewadi is very refreshing ONE DAY Family tour from Pune. Total distance of a round trip would be 270 km. Road side view is very beautiful and well maintained for driving.

Sajjangad Fort सज्जनगड 
How to Reach : Its about 18 km from Satara city. Its on the way of Thoseghar Waterfall. From Satara city from the base of Ajinkyatara fort, tow roads go, right hand side road goes to Kaas-Bamnoli and right hand side road goes via small tunnel to Sajjangad-Thoseghar-Chlakewadi-Patan
Road condition is very good and beautiful ghats.

Parking : Cars and mini bus can go up to the Praveshdwar (Entry) of the fort. Parking facility available but space is enough for 15-20 vehicles.

Food : Snacks and tea available.

Thoseghar Waterfall ठोसेघर धबधबा 

How to Reach : Thoseghar is about 25 km from Satara city. Road condition is good. Beautiful road with Ghats.

Parking : Ample place parking is available for all types of Vehicle.

Food : One Veg-non-veg restaurant is there at the entrance. You must taste the food provided by local people. Rates are reasonable. Food, cold drink and bottled water is available all the days of week.

What to see : The water part has two parts. End part is called big waterfall, which appears first in the park. The back side of the waterfall is called small waterfall. 
The location is risky up to some extent, hence need to take care of kids.

Best season to visit is the monsoon season. Generally, waterfall remains up to October !


Parking Place

Big Waterfall

Small Waterfall

 Chalkewadi Wind Energy Project चाळकेवाड़ी पवनऊर्जा  प्रकल्प  

How to Reach : Its about 26 km from Satara city and about 3/4 km from Thoseghar waterfall. The road takes you on the Chalkewadi plateau. The road leads to Patan-Chiplun in Konkan.

Food and Water: No food n water available on the plateau. No residence on the plateau. So keep your food and water with you ! Or have food at Thoseghar waterfall restaurant and then go to Chalkewadi.

Parking : You can stop any where beside a road. 

What to see : Hundreds of Wind mills which are spread all over plateau. To go closer to windmill is not allowed. But some working personnel you found, you may ask about information about the project.
If you go to the western edges of the plateau, Koyana Dam back waters give you wonderful treat.
Take care of Sun heat. There are no trees on the place, So use cap, goggles to protect form sun light .