कावळया गड Kavlyagad Fort Trek

कावळया गड  Kavlyagad Fort

The information is based on my latest visit in October 2015
Kavlya/Kawlya fort is recently discovered fort, not much historical information available of it. It is isolated and alone fort where trekkers are rarely found. It was supposed to be a watch tower of Raigad , Rajgad and Kawlya ghat section which connects Bhor and Mahad.

How to Reach : It is about 100 km from Pune. The way is Pune-Bhor-Varandha Ghat-Waghjai Point-Kavlyagad.

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It is about 40km from Bhor. In that ghat section is about 35 km of Varandha ghat. Mahad is about 20km from Waghjai point in Varandha ghat. It’s a refreshing scenic journey from Bhor to the fort, left hand side along with the backwater of Neera-Devghar dam and Sahyadri mountain ridge on the right hand side.

The ghat section road is not in good condition, but still it is drivable for two and four wheeler.
You will have to stop near Waghjai point in the Varandha ghat where small restaurants of Kandabhaji, tea, vadapaw, lemon juice etc. Maharashtriyan snacks are available. Ask restaurant owners where to Park Vehicles.

There are no mechanics, petrol pumps and police station in Varandha Ghat section.

Parking : The parking place is available in the ghat at a hair pin turn position from ghat road starts to descends to Konkan-Mahad. There is no protection to vehicle. Park on own risk.

Food n Water : Nothing is available on the fort. Bottled water and snacks are available at Waghjai point in Varandha ghat which is on walk able distance from parking place. Complete meal is available from at the beginning of Varandha Ghat from Bhor side. Good quality veg and non veg restaurants are available over there.

How is Trek : Overall the trek is easy but difficult to keep on right trek. It will take about one hour trek from parking. The initial trek is risky on high descending side of a ridge. So go slowly with support sticks. After slope take right ascending side of trek, you will reach on small plateau which is full of grass. It looks very beautiful with variety of shades of Green. You can see waterfalls in the monsoon season.

Because it is not a popular trek, you will find difficulty to get correct route. So just keep watch on Flag point of the fort and keep forwarding. Don’t be hurry to decide a correct route. Observe keenly. There are jungle kind of plants are there from where you will have to find out routes, because many small diverging routes ( ढोर वाट ) made by animals like cows and goats.

What to See :  There is nothing special to watch on the fort. Fortification is not much remained. Only one Buruz (बुरुज ) i.e. a Flag tower exists on the fort, where you can have your food. There is a jungle on the rest part of the fort. So it is better not to enter in that without experienced trekkers. You can have panoramic view of Shyadri mountains with historically important forts and routes like Raigad, Rajgad, Mohangad, Shivthar ghal, Madheghat etc.

Best time to Visit : From June to December would be the best time to visit.

Precaution: Since it is an offbeat and isolated trek, please search on internet, see blogs and Google earth, ask trekkers and then go with a group on weekends. Avoid to go with Family without a group because the trek route is confusing, non availability of help, water, food and mobile range on fort !

So take care and enjoy Kavlyagad fort trek.

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