Tailbaila तैलबैला

Tailbaila is very popular place among adventure trekkers !!
Its an excellent place for rappelling and rock climbing !!

How To Reach : It is about 100 km from Pune.  There are two ways from Pune.

1.Via Lonavla - Pune - Lonawla-BhushiDam-INS Shivaji-Lion Point- Peth Shahapur- Ambvane village - Amby valley- Bhamburde road-Saltar-take right turn from Saltar- Take a right turn after a small mountain pass to Tailbaila Village-Tailbaila.

Road from Pune to Amby valley about 80km road is very good !! After Amby valley its typical rural single but pakka road bit no problem for car. The distance from Amby valley to Tailbaila is about 15 to 20 km.
On the way Tourists Places - Khandala, Lonaval, Wax musium Lonvla, Bhushi Dam, Lion Point, Amby Vally- Koraigad fort, Pavana dam, Lohgad, Visapur, Tikona, Tung forts 

2.Via Tamhini - Pune - Pirnagut- Paud - Mulashi - Tahmini - after tamhini village leave tahmini ghat Konkna Mangaon road- take a right turn after Nive village to MKCS Ashrram road to Bhambhurde village- on the way you must see Kundlika Valley- go ahead along with Mulshi dam backwaters to Bhamburde village ( 80/90 km from Pune)- you can see Navaraa-Navari ( Bride-Groom) Peaks on the way- Bhamburde village- proceed on Lonavla Road - 3/4 km after Bhamburde village take a left turn before mountain pass for TailBaila village-Tailbaila. 

Pune to Tamhini 70km road is in good condition. From Tamhini to Tailbiala is about 30km road is rural type,pakka, single road. need to drive a car carefully. no problem for bikes and SUVs. 
On the way Tourists Attractions : Mulshi dam, Tamhini waterfalls, Kailasgad fort,Tamhini valley, Kundalika Valley, Ghangad fort, Bhamburde valley

Food and Water : Local villagers may provide home made veg, non-veg food. No mineral water available. First give your order of food, then go to trek. Mr. Roakade Avinash provide tasty and fresh

No hotels and restaurant at village. Before Amby valley at lion point breakfast would be available. Lonavla and Mulashi have hotels for all types of food.

Parking : Local parking place is available to Tailbaila village from where peaks are about 2 km.. walking distance .

What to see : 

1. Tailbaila Peaks- The pair of wall like shape peaks are called Tail-Bail. These looks like natural walls. Its an adventurous spot. Rappelling and rock climbing with the help of expert team and tools is done by tourists teams. You can trek up to half way easily, where a temple and a water tank is there. Regular trekker can rest and take their food on this spot. On this spot you can feel the cool breeze from the gap of two hill walls, tremendous refreshing feeling ! Next half trek is tough and difficult by rappelling, not possible for everyone. You need skill, endurance and guts to climb on 90 degree, straight walls.  

2. Tailbaila Valley - It is one of the deepest and narrowest valley in Maharashtra.             It is about 3/4 km from the village. Bikes can go up to the edge of valley.You can see Ghangad on the opposite side of the valley and Sudhagad to the right side.


3. Mahadev Temple - it is about 3/4 km from village on the edge of Sahyadri. The road is very rough and not used by many. from here you can see Sudhagad, Khopoli-Pen road.

Nearby Petrol Pump : Lonavla and Mulshi
Nearby Mechanics : Lonavla and Mulshi
Nearby Doctor : Lonavla and Mulshi
Stay : No hotels at Tailbaila Village. Home stay is provided by villagers.

IMPORTANT : Generally there are no tourists on weekdays, So take a local guide or anyone form village to show you the right path, other wise there is possibility to get diverted from path especially to the Valley and Mahadev Temple.
Mobile signals are weak or absent. 

Nearby Tourists attraction - Mulashi waterfalls, Tamhini ghat, Tamhini valley, Kundlika Valley, Ghatgad, Khanadala, Lonavla, Bhushi dam, lion point, Amby valley, Koraigad etc.

The information is given on the base of my latest visit in Sept 2015  so it may change.


  1. Awesome pics. Very very useful and needed information.

  2. पर्यटन स्थळा विषयी आवश्यक असणाऱ्या सर्व माहिती सह उत्सुकता निर्माण करणारी आकर्षक मनमोहक छायाचित्रण...
    "एक परिपूर्ण प्लान"

  3. पर्यटन स्थळा विषयी आवश्यक असणाऱ्या सर्व माहिती सह उत्सुकता निर्माण करणारी आकर्षक मनमोहक छायाचित्रण...
    "एक परिपूर्ण प्लान"

  4. पर्यटन स्थळा विषयी आवश्यक असणाऱ्या सर्व माहिती सह उत्सुकता निर्माण करणारी आकर्षक मनमोहक छायाचित्रण...
    "एक परिपूर्ण प्लान"