Madheghat Waterfall

Madheghat is very refreshing trail point near Pune. It is a simple jungle trail full of forest and small water streams. The waterfalls are very enchanting in rainy season. Madhe Ghat is historical route. Shivaji Maharaj's great worrier Tanaji Malusare died while fighting on Kondana (Sinhagad) fort. His dead body was carried via this route called "Madhe Ghat" to his native village in Konkan. Madhe means dead body in Marathi.
Strongly recommended to go on Weekend or National Holidays, otherwise you feel feary silence. No one is there. 

How to Reach - Pune to Madheghat is about 75 km. Entire journey is very very beautiful. There are two ways.

1. Pune-Nasarapur-Velhe-Bhatti-Kelad-Madheghat
2. Pune-Khanapur-Pabe Ghat-Velhe-Bhatti-Kelad-Madheghat
Apart from these two ways there is another way from Bhor and Shivthar Ghal to Madheghat trek from Konkan. But above mentioned two routes are convenient and less risky.
Avoid to go by public transport because of less frequency. Prefer Car, SUV or Bike !
For Velhe to Madheghat there are two ways immediate after Velhe. Old road from the Dam side is better which is very close to Gunjavani backwaters. The new road which is top side of the backwater which is muddy and rocky is under construction. 

Parking - Road is quite good for cars n two wheeler. Parking Place is there one kilometer before the waterfall. Bike and SUV can go on the spot smoothly. After parking simple walk of one kilometer is there to reach the waterfall.

What to See - When u reach on the spot a small plateau is there. On the plateau small streams going to waterfall are wonderful. tourists of all ages can enjoy watering here by taking precaution. All streams joins together on the edge of plateau from where a fascinating waterfall begins. Its wonderful experience to watch a waterfall from its top. Water goes down with high speed and sometimes comes revers back on the top like a fountain due to velocity of wind !! Refreshing experience to get wet on the top of the waterfall. 
There is a risky trek to which takes you at the base of waterfall. Its very risky and slippery. Avoid it. But some tourists go there to feel adventure n thrill. Just remember someone is waiting for you at home.
There is another waterfall on about 800 meters from first one which is bigger and more beautiful. It is a must watch thing. Less people goes there. 

From Madheghat you can see the places in clear air are Varandha ghat, Shivtharghal,                   Konkan, Raigad, Lingana, Mahad, Gunjavni Dam etc.

Best Season - Monsoon to December is the Best season. 

Food - Home food is available at nearby village like Kelad केळद . You can contact to Mr. Ankush Shinde - 96734433773 for home stay and food . Small temporary tea stalls are there on weekends for tea, bhaji and vadapaw etc. Better to take tiffin from Home. Or Can take from Velhe which is Taluka place where you will get food n water even rooms. If carry food its magical to have food on the plateau. 

Tourists Places Nearby - Sinhgad fort, Khadkawasla dam, Panshet, Varsgaon dam, LAVASA city, Bhor, Bhatgar dam, Torna Fort, Rajgad Fort, Lingana, Raigad, Varandha ghat, Shivthargal etc.

Nearest Petrol Pump and Police station - Velhe which is about 18 km from the spot.

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