Purandar Fort Trek

Purandar Fort is about 45 Km from Pune and 15 km from Saswad. Its a birthplace of Sambhaji Raje. At present the fort is under the surveillance of Indian Army. 
For Historical Information please read other authentic sites !

How to Reach : There are many ways to reach Purandar from Pune to Narayanpur which is the base town of the fort. 
1.Pune-Saswad-Narayangaon-Purandar fort
2.Pune-Banglore highway-Kapurhol-Take left turn to Saswad road - Ketkawale (Balaji Temple)-Narayangaon-right turn - Purandar fort

The Road is there up to Pune Darwaja. So no need to trek. Vehicle can go up on the fort. 
Very Important thing is Keep Identity card, vehicle document and driving licence with you. At the entry gate You will have to make entry with this document at Indian Army office. Follow the guidelines given by The Great Indian Army. They will give you time to return, follow it. Generally, if you reach in late afternoon, you will not allowed to go on the fort.

Parking Place : Parking of Car and two wheeler is there. 

Food and Water : A small hotel is there. Only Kandabhaji, Wadapav, Pohe etc. Maharashtriyan snacks, tea biscuits and water bottles etc. are available. So its better to bring tiffin with you from home and have it on the fort. Nearby hotels for complete meal are in Narayanpur which is base town of the fort.

What to See : After parking your vehicle, you will be leading to steps which will take you on the top of the fort after 20/30 minutes. On the journey few chapels, temples and old colonies of British time. The topmost point is Kedareshwar Temple which is covered by cloud in monsoon and very windy. Here you can have your tiffins. There are water tanks and Buruz on the fort.
Unfortunately i could not able to locate the birthplace of Shambhaji Raje ! A wider panorama of Saswad to Bhor is visible from the fort.
Vajragad in a twin fort of Purandar where you can reach by a trail of 15/20 minutes.
Some parts are occupied by army, so not allowed for citizens to go there. Avoid those areas.
Overall 3 hrs are enough to see the fort. From parking to parking back 4 hours are sufficient. All age Family members can visit the Fort. Its safe.

Nearby tourists Places : There are many religious places around Purandar fort e.g.Saswad, Jejuri, Jadhavgad, Kanifnaath temple, Bhor, Deveghat, Mastaani Talaaw (Lake), Theur and Morgaon Ganapati, Narayangaon Shri Gurudatta temple, Veer dam, Adventrue plus etc.

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