Varandha Ghat

Varandha Ghat

There are many popular monsoon destinations around Pune due to Ghats and waterfalls. Malshej ghat, Lonavla-Khandala, Mulshi-Tahmini ghat, Madheghat etc.
Varandhaghat is one of the most scenic and adventruous and less rush destination in all season.

How to Reach : 
Its located on Pune-Bhor-Mahad road. The Varandha ghat starts about 10km after Bhor and ends at Varandha villahe on the other side of the ghat.
Total length  of ghat section is about 40 km. The ghat goes along with Neera Devghar dam back water at one side and hilly side on the other side.
Pune-Bhor- Ambeghar-Pisavre -Nandgaon-Apti-Venupuri water fall-Hirdoshi-Shirgaon-Umbarde-Mahad
The ghat road is spiral.Lots of turns on the road.Many waterfalls in the ghat in Monsoon season.The ghat looks colorful in Sept n October.
Pune to Varandha
Bhor to Varandha

Food and Stay: 
Small restaurants are situated on ghat, many on opened werkends.
Veg n non veg food is very tasty prepared in homemade Maharashtra style. The non-veg food is very popular among travelers.
Kandabhaji, chilly bhaji, Vadapaw, pohe, tea, water bottle etc. are available. 
Full meal is availble at Bhor then at Vaghjai point Varandha ghat. From Waghjai point the descend towards Mahad starts.
The stay facility unavailable in ghat section. But available on the both end of ghat i.e. Bhor and Mahad.
What to see :
You can have wider view of Neera Devghar dam, Rohida fort, Raireshwar Fort, Torna fort, Rajgad, Kavlya fort, Shivthar ghal, Madheghat etc. Can be enjoyed in a drive of one and half of hour of journey.
Waterfalls and flowers increases the scenic beauty of Varandha ghat !
Neera Devghar Dam 


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