Mandhardevi Ghat

Mandhardevi Ghat

How to Reach :
Its about 60-70 km from Pune which will take 2:30 hrs journey.
Situated on Bhor to Maaandhardevi road . Pune is about 50 km from Pune. Take left turn from Shivaji maharaj statue in Bhor-Mandhardevi-Wai road. After a scenic journey of 10 km, you will reach to then take left turn After Balvadi village and before Ambade villlage to Mandhardevi ghat. The Ghat starts from Ambade village. Ir is of about 10 km.
Total ghat section is on 10-12km.
The road goes to Kalubai Temple, the Hindu religious temple.
You can travel to Mahabaleshwar via Mandhardevi too.
You can do Pune-Bhor-Mandhardevi-Wai-Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar.
Pune to Mandhardevi
Bhor to Mandhardevi
Food and Stay : 
Food and stay is available at Pune,Bhor, Mandhardevi, Wai etc.

What to see:
The ghat is full of greenery and waterfalls during monsoon. The blossom makes it more beautiful in October and November.
The ghat is so scenic and less rush, so you can stop on many safe spots for photos.
From ghat the panaromic view of Sahyadri.
Bhatghar dam, Sinhgad, Purandar,Rohida fort, Torna fort,Rajgad fort, Raireshwar fort  at the North direction.
When you reach at the top of the ghat you have beautiful view of Panchgane-Mahabaleshwar.
Dhom dam, Pandavgad, Kamalgad, Panchgani table land, Mahabaleshwar, Wai, Menvali etc. region is visible from South direction.

Raireshwar from ghat

Kamalgad fort

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