Naneghat नाणेघाट

 नाणेघाट Naneghat
Naneghat is a historic mountain pass near Junnar in Maharashtra. It was a main commercial route from plateau of Maharashtra to Konkan and Mumbai region. 

How to Reach From Pune : 
  • Distance from Pune is approx. 140km. Pune - Manchar-Narayangaon-Junnar-Shiveri fort-Aptale-Ghatghar road-Chavand fort-Ghatghr-Naeghat
  • Approx time needed is 3-4hrs.
  • Pune to Naranagaon 80 km is national hoghway no 50. Good condition.
  • Naranyangao to Junnar state highway 18km. single road with good condition.
  • Junnar to Naneghat is about 30km and an hours journey. Single road with good condition. Beautiful journey. Road is surrounded by Sahyardr mountain ridges.
  • Traffic is less. Local traffic only. lonely and isolated road. Don't assume petrol pump and mechanic in nearby place.
  • One day return tour is possible from Pune. 

By Google Map

Parking : Yes, Parking place is available near Naneghat spot. 

Petrol pump and Mechanic : it may be nearby, bur i know which is at Junnar. 

Food n Water : Local food and water are available in Ghatghar village. There are few veg/nonveg hotels there on spot. First give order then go to Naneghat and back and enjoy food.

Nearby Places to watch: Jivdhan Fort, Chawand Fort, Daryaghat, Junnar, Shivneri fort, Lenyadri caves n Ganapati, Ozar Ganpati

Chawand Fort on the way Naneghat

What to See at Naneghat : Two Passes , A Toll collection Pot (रांजण ), Caves, Deep valley, Wind point at the edge of pass

I thank you to my student friend Mayur Mire who is a teacher in Junior college at Junnar who help me to plan Naneghat tour !!