Sarasgad Fort Trek

Sarasgad Fort Trek

How to Reach : 
Its about 125 km. from Pune. The base village is Pali which well known for the Hindu God Ganapti Temple. There are two routes from Pune.
i) Via Khandal ghat - Pune - NH 48- Lonvla-Khnadala- get out to Khopoli Exit- Khopoli-left turn towards Pali-Imagica-Pali ( Ganpati).
ii) Via Tahmini Ghat - Pune-Paud-Mulshi-Tahmini ghat-State Highway 93-Gomashi-Adulse-Base -Pali.
Trek starts after Pali village. Ask villagers about trek start point. Avoid in village roads to reach. 

Parking : 
There is free parking alongside of road. There is an open space, where bus can be parked. 

Food and Stay : 
No food available on the fort. There are many restaurants and hotels in the Pali- base village since its popular Hindu pilgrims. 

About the Trek : 
The trek is medium hard. It takes almost 90 mins to reach on the top. Trek start from the Pali village. There is a board showing 'Sarasgad'. It starts from houses. after 20 mins ascend, you reach on a plateau and huge Sarasgad fort is in sight. 
The next trek is little difficult when you reach at the base of huge rock of the fort. The steps are hidden between two huge column like Rock hills. These steps very attractive sculptured in rocks. take care when using steps which may be slippery in rainy days. After 60 minutes you will on the top of fort. Explore the fortification and a water tank here.
After Darwaja, when you see Pinnacle, its a Ballekilla. (Ballekilla- is safest place on a fort, generally king lives there)TAKE LEFT SIDE ROUTE TO REACH BALLEKILLA. If you go other side i.e. right hand side, you will take round to the fort and reach on the entrance of the balekilla after 30 minutes. Hardly it will take 20 minutes to reach on the balekilla. The route is rocky and risky. Help each other to reach safely on the top. Give hand if required.

On the Fort :
The fort is small on the top. 20/30 minutes enough to explore. On the balekilla there is Lord Shiva Temple. There is a water reservoir beside, but water not drinkable as local people say. Some edges are risky, so take care when going on it. 
You can see Sughagad, Ghangad, Tailbaila, Manikgad, Rajmachi fort, Koraigad fort, Tamhini ghat, Khandala etc.

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