Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar fort trek is one the most popular trek. It is very famous for its 80 degree steep rock cut steps. The front view of the fort is breathtaking due to its thrilling steps.

How to Reach :

Harihar fort is in near Trambakeshwar in Nashik district. Its about 300 km. from Pune. Which take almost 6 hours to reach. So it is advised to start in afternoon from Pune, reach at night , stay then trek next day and return.
There are two ways to reach the base village Nirgudpada & Harshewadi.
i)Via Nashik: Pune-Sangamner-Nashik-Ask Trambakeshwar road-NH848- ( Ask in city whenever confuse or use Google map navigation)-Trimbak-leave the highway 848 and take left turn from Metghar-Sapgaon-then take left turn (ask here)-keep on Khodala-Take Harsha road-Nirgudpada.
Base village is about 45 km from Nashik city which may take one and half hour to reach.
There is heavy traffic jams in Machar, Narayangaon, Alephata etc. So consider this in your travel plan. We were stuck in traffic jam at Narayangaon for 4 hours in December 2018 !!

ii)Via Thane – Pune- Khandala-Thane to Nashik road(160)-Vadape-Khadawli-Asangaon-Kasara-leave Kasara and take left-Vihingaon-Khodala-take right turn on Khodala-Take-Harshsroad-Vaitsrna dam-Nirgudpada.
From Thane 140 km in 3 hours and From Kasara 60 km and one and half hour journey.
Stay and Food :
We stayed to Shri. Nirgude's house on 30th and 31st December 2018. He provided excellent veg and non veg food which affordable charges. Due to traffic we reached there 1am, they were waiting for us. His family member was standing on the road, waiting for us to take us to house. In so late night they provided us fresh made food !!! Actually, charges are so less. They do not make it for money but for hospitality. So don't bargain but given them additional tip as they deserve.
 Shri. Nirgude - 960442 9739, 08766 514423, 77768 93098


There are two villages at the base i.e. Nirgudpada and Harshewadi. Stay and food is available at both villages. Home stay are provided by local villagers with generous service. Veg and non veg food provided as per demand. There is no food and water on the top of fort. Better to carry food with you. There are two/three stalls for lemonade, tea, pakode, water bottles, and snacks on the trek route.

About the Trek :
It is moderate trek. 70/80 minutes are sufficient to reach on the top of the fort. When you start trekking keep eyes on the fort entrance side. There are some other routes not going to the fort. So take care. Better take a local guide from villages. There are many boys in the village who comes happily with you. 
After 40/50 minutes you will reach to the very famous, beautiful Steps. Rest here and relax. Then start ascending steps slowly with great care. There are holding crevice on each step. So put your hand in the crevice, grip properly. There are about 100 steps on head. Make proper planning in group. Don’t act to make rush on steps. Hardly two person can stand at a time on a step.
Once you reach on top after stepping up, there is narrow path with rock hanging on head. So go one by one with support of side rock. After 15 minutes, you will be on the top of the fort.
When you coming back, take great care on steps. It is very risky to step down from steps. Balancing is major issue. Best way to step down in sitting posture.





What to See :
There are not much left on the fort. God Maruti temple, water tanks, Dhanyakothar (grains storage) etc. are there on the vast plateau of the fort. The top most point has watching tower with Saffron flag.
60/70 minutes sufficient to explore the fort.

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