Raigad Fort Trek

Raigad Fort Trek
How to Reach : There are two ways to reach Raigad from Pune.
1.Via Varandha Ghat ( Approx.155km)- Pune-Bhor-Varandha Ghat-Mahad-take right turn on NH 70, Mumbai-Goa highway to Mumbai side- then take right turn from Karanjkhol to Raigad fort - After around 25 km reach base village Pachad. Then Go to the Hirkani Buruz by left turn from Pachad village. You don't need to go rope-way if you want to trek.

2.Vai Tahmini Ghat ( Approx. 135km)- Pune-Paud-Mulshi-Tahmini ghat- After descending Tahmini ghat- Go through Vile Bhagd MIDC-Nizampur-Take right to Pachad road- Ghotewadi-Dhamani-Harwandi-Waki-Savarat-Pachad. This road is having less traffic, so avoid night time on the road-No petrol pump found between Nizampur to Pachad.

Parking : Parking place is unsupervised. It is roadside parking near Hirkani buruz. There are few restaurants around the buruz from where the trek starts. 
Food and Water : Food and water available on the whole trek route. Full Veg meal on the fort. Better when you reach on the top, give order to any restaurant then go for exploring the fort. So, when you come back the food will be ready. There are small homes of guides on the top who also offer to stay. They can make basic arrangement for  stay.
Better services are available near Ropeway base-station in the village. Its about 2/3 km distance from Ropeway base to Hirkani Buruz.
Ramchandra guide- 9420391050 ( On the fort)
Deshmukh Khanaval - 90116 42994, 94036 47647 ( Good for big groups at the base)

About Trek : The trek starts from Hirkani buruz. The whole trek has steps and railing aside. So its well preserved trek route. It will take 1 hour 30 minutes to reach on the top. There are small restaurants along the trek, where water, lemon juice, butter milk, packets food etc. are sold.

About Fort : The fort has historical importance as it is the capital of Swaraj and also Shivaji Maharaj had residence on the fort. Taka tok, Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi, Jadisheshwar tepmle, Bajar peth, Holi ground, Sadar, palaces of royal family etc. many important monuments are is good condition to watch.
Official guide are available on the top with mere Rs.300/500. I recommend to take guide to understand the historical importance of the fort. 

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