Kenjalgad fort

Kenjalgad Fort Trek

How to Reach : Its about 80 km from Pune which requires 2 hours.
1.Pune-Bhor-Varandha ghat raod- take left  to Ambeghar-Ambwade-take right-Oholi-Ghat starts- Same ghat goes to Raireshwar Fort and Wai. after almost half of ghat take left tune for Kenjalgad-Base village-Parking.

The ghat section is not so good for car. Some portion is very rough especially in rainy days.

Parking : The parking can be done at open space near Kenjalaimata temple. Its free and non supervised.

Food a Water : No food stall here at the parking. You can take water from well. Only homemade food can be made available by villagers  on demand.

Stay : Home stay can be provided at the base village on request or can be stayed at Kenjalaimata temple.

About Trek :
The trek is quite simple. It will take hardly 30 mins to reach on the top. Just take care not to misguide on route. Because there are other routes used by local people for different purpose. The route starts in dense forest and climbing higher. You have to follow the route that goes upwards and in case of confusion take left and upwards route. Once to reach on the top, beautiful scenic view will give you tremendous pleasure. Form the open space the Plateau of the Fort plateau looks very elegant and epic. Go towards the plateau and take slight right in the trees to go on the top of the fort.
Go for 5 mins walk and take left. There is one cave with small worship place inside. Take left and right and you will see a huge steps carved in stone. Steps are slippery in rainy season.These are iconic steps of the fort. After a Step you will be on the top. 

What to See :
You need atleast 30 minutes to explore the fort. Since the view is very scenic it may take 2 hours
The fort has vast plateau.Temple, Grinder, Fortification walls and bastion are there on the top. Some water tanks also there which has drinkable water.
You can see Raireshwar Plateau, Arther seat point of Mahabaleshwar, Dhom dam, Panchgani, Kamalgad, Rohida fort, Varandha ghat, Rajgad, Torna fort etc. are visible from the fort.

Trek Safety : 

  • Carry food and water with you !
  • Ghat section is not good for bike and cars in rainy season.
  • Parking is unsupervised.!
  • Follow the route properly or take a guide from the base village on nominal charge of Rs. 200/300 around.

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