Malhargad Trek -The Last Fort of Maratha Empire

मल्हारगड / सोनोरी गड 
(The Information is based on latest visit in March 2016)
Malhargad is also known as a Sonori Fort, named after base village Sonori.It is very well conditioned fort.  Nicely fortified. The latest fort in Maratha empire. It was built to watch Purandar fort, Vajreshwar fort, Pune, Sinhgad, Saswad, Loni and Diveghat. You can return with in six hours from Pune city. Very Simple trek. can go with family.
How to Reach : The fort is abut 30/35 km from Pune. It is situated on Pune-Saswad road off Diveghat. There are two ways to reach at the base from Pune.

1.Via Kalewadi- Pune-to Saswad road-Diveghat-take left after 2 km for Kalewadi- Go straight to Malhargad route after Kalewadi - you will reach to the Darawaja of Malhargad. Two wheelers and SUV can go only.Raod is rough. So drive carefully. Don't Force to drive car on the road. If you want to go by car then take second route. But less trek from this side. 5 minutes to reach the fort.

2.Via Sonori - Pune-to Saswad road-Diveghat-take left from Dive - for Sonori village. Park vehicle outside of the village. The road condition is better than Kalewadi. More trek from Sonori side. It will take 20-30 minutes to reach the fort from parking.

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Food n Water : No Food and water is available on the fort . Best way to carry tiffin or food with you.
Near by Food restaurants are on Pune Saswad road which just 4/6 km from the fort. There are many restaurants there, veg and non veg !! Better way to trek first, return and take food at Saswad or Pune. 

Stay : There are two temples on the top where overnight stay is possible for 15/20 trekkers. But need to manage food and water or villagers from Kalewadi or Sonori provide the food at the stay. 

Parking : Parking Place is there on the both base villages. There is no supervision on parking so parking is on own risk.

Difficulty Level of the Trek : Its easy and simple trek. Its like a Parvati hill trek. Small kids, ladies and old persons can easily make it. 20/30 min. It requires from Sonori village side and 5/10 mins from Kalewadi side. The trek slope is gentle. Just be aware of lose stone on the trek in summer season.

What to See : You can see wider panorama of Pune-Saswad-Loni region. The fortification is still in good condition. 30 minutes are sufficient to see all edges of the fort. There are two temples on the fort i.e. Malhardev (Jejuri's Khanderay Dev)and Mahadev-Lord Shiv. 
The shape of the fort is triangular. The There are three watch towers - बुरुज . From each buruz different regions are in sight i.e. East Tower - Saswad city, Purandar Fort, Vajreshwar fort, Bhuleshwar, Sonori village etc. West Tower - Pune city, Dive ghat, Kanifnath, Bopdev ghat, Sinhgad fort etc. South Tower - Solapur highway, loni etc.
There is a Bale -( बालेकिल्ला ) in a square shape with strong walls. (तटबंदी ) Both Temples are in the bale. 
The Entrance doors ( दरवाजा ) are carved beautifully and strong in solid stones. 
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Best Time to Visit : Its all time best place to visit. Best in Monsoon season. You can see different scenery in different season. 
Take care in Summer which is very hot and there no big trees on the fort. Lack of shadows on the fort. So avoid February to June if thinking to go with family. 

Precautions : The fort is not so popular for tourists. So visitors are rare. More visitors are on Monsoon weekends and Shrawan Somvaar ( Mondays) only, otherwise it is an isolated place. So go in a group only. Take more care if you have girls in your group. Except Monsoon its a lonely place. Mobile range is weak in the region.

Nearby Tourists Places : Pune, Diveghat, Mastani lake, Kanifnath temple, Saswad city, Jejuri, Baramati, Purandar Fort, Vajreshwar fort, Balaji temple of Ketkawle village, Bhuleshwar temple of lord Shiv, Bhigwan Birtdwatch point, Neera Dam etc.


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