Bird Sanctuary Kumbhargaon (पक्षी निरीक्षण )

Bhigavan-Kumbhrgaon Bird Sanctuary
Bhigvan-Kubhargaon is a famous and popular bird watching point in Pune District. It is situated on the backwaters of Ujani Dam which in built on river Bheema ( a tributary of river Krishna).

How to Teach : It is approx. 105 km Via Pune Solapur NH-09. Take a left turn  4/5 km after Bhigavan village. There is a board on highway of Kumbhargoan Bird Sanctuary from where you will have to go 5/6 km to reach Bird observation point.

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Best Season to visit : Best season is December and better From September to February. Best time to watch birds are 6am to 10am and 5pm to sunset. Sun set is mind-blowing.

Food n Water :  A small local villagers have made arrangement of food and water. Veg and non veg are served. The local Fish called 'Chilapi' is the specialty. Stay.Stay facility rooms are available in the village for individuals and a group. Agnipankh Hotel is run by Mr. Sandip Nagare ( Mob 9960610615/8975017405) who has boats with trained guide and his hotel is approved by MTDC and provides quality food and stay.

Parking : Ample space for parking is available near the hotel and boating place for all type of vehicles e.g. Bus, car and bikes.

What to See : To watch birds you need to take tour on the lake by a boat. whole round may take 100 minutes. You will find different types of birds including local and foreign tourists species which comes from all the way Siberia. Flamingo and painted storks are the main attraction. Apart from these many birds can be found like little Cormorant, Purple Swamphen, Little Grebe, Spotbill Duck, Rubby Shelduck, Northem Shoveler, Asian Openbill, Kingfisher, brown headed Gull, Heron, Egret, Black-winged Stilt etc.
The book on birds are available on the spot. must purchase to make bird watch meaningful.
Guide/ Boat driver keeps fishes with him. He throws it towards birds to bring them closer. You can get best opportunity to click.
You need to take a boat on hire approx. rent is Rs.800 per boat. But can be available on per seat basis, then you will have to wait to fill all the seats.  

Precautions : You need Camera with max zoom, binocular, Hat/Cap, Sun glasses and water bottles. Protect yourself from Sunlight at boating. 
Do not feed birds man-made things like chips and packed food. 
Do not step down from boat to get close photographs, birds will fly away and will not come unless you leave the place. 
Hold kids properly, they may jump from boat due to excitement. 
Do not take risky position to click best photo or selfy.
Ask to guide continuously. Listen and follow the instruction given by a guide- boatwala.

Grey Heron

Painted Stork ( चित्र बलाक )
Painted Stork ( चित्र बलाक )
Painted Stork ( चित्र बलाक )

Painted Stork ( चित्र बलाक )

कुरव (Brown-headed Gull)
कुरव (Brown-headed Gull)

नदी सुरय River Tern
रोहित Flamingo

शेकाट्या Black-winged Stilt

Nearby Places : Bhigavan, Ujani Dam, Bhuleshwar Temple, Baramati City, Siddhatek Ganapati and Thwoor Ganapati
Petrol Pump : There are many petrol pumps on the NH-09.
(Information is based on the latest visit in Feb 2016)

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