Kaas Platuea of Flowers कास पुष्प पठार

Kaas Plateau (कास पुष्प पठार) is the Plateau of Flowers in Maharashtra state of India.
It is famous for bio diversity in flowers. The some flowers are unique and can be found only at Kaas in the World. The Kaas plateau is in the process of recognition of World Heritage site by UNESCO.

How to Reach from Pune : It is about 140 km from Pune and 25km from Satara. The road is in good condition. Its situated on Satara - Bamnoli road.

Online Booking : Better to go by doing online booking on the Maharashtra Tourism dept's site. 3000 tourists maximum are allowed everyday. The site get hang usually,during the season.If you go on weekdays, less crowd you found, so no need to booking. 

Food n Water : The road from Satara to Kaas is full of all types of Hotels. Some are closed on weekdays. There all type of hotels on Kaas lake.Consuming food is not allowed on the plateau.

Best Time to Visit : The best time to visit in August to September depends on blossom. The period of blossom remains only for two/three weeks. Best time to visit is in the morning session up to 9 o' clock ! Then flowers become pale to sunlight and increasing Temperature.
In the season thousands of people visit it. So it is too much crowd on weekends so even you can miss the opportunity to visit. Soon the online booking facility would be available. For photography go on weekdays only !

Parking : Vehicle parking is 4 km before or 2 km after(near Kaas lake) and take a walk to the beautiful plateau. Place is not enough for weekends but sufficient for weekdays. On weekends you must park vehicle before 4 km. at the forest check post. There mini buses takes you on the plateau.

Stay : You cannot stay at Kaas plateau. But you will get many options in 5 km radius.

What to see : The biodiversity is amazing. Some plant species found only at Kaas in the world. So its better to purchase a book, then you will enjoy the tiny followers with their identity. Observe the complete eco system i.e. plants, flowers, leaves and insects etc. You will get many photo shots, which will you remember for life time.

Nearby Tourist Places : Satara, Ajinkytara fort, Bamnoli lake, Sajjangad fort, Thoseghar waterfall, Chalkewadi Wind energy plant etc.

                                                                 Map by Google

It is very useful book to be familiar with different species of flowers. the book available on Kaas plateau location and in Satara city. Keep the book with you at the time of visit , it will help you to identify the flowers. 
My Friend Prof Dr Dhondge Vinay help in Kaas Tour Plan.. My Special Thanks to Him !


  1. wow sir , such a wonderful information of kas plateau.........

  2. wow sir , such a wonderful information of kas plateau.........

  3. usefull information and nice photos. - Radhika Inamdar

  4. Indeed quite useful and helpful information.
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  5. All neat and well explained VB information Sir... planning to go out there....Sir, Can we click selfie ???? ,Or photographs of family in beautiful flowers ???? (Question Just popped up in my mind)