Harishchandra Fort

Harishachandra Fort
Harishchandra fort is one of most famous and popular trek in Maharashtra. Its famous for its hard trek and Konkan Kada.
How to Reach : Its approx 200 km from Pune. There are 2-3 ways to reach the base village.
There are tow different base villages to start trek i.e. Pachnai and Khireshwar.
Trek from Khireshwar is difficult.
Trek from Pachani is easier and shorter. 
A.Pune to Pachnai - i) Via Otur -Pune-Manchar-Narayangaon-Alephata-right turn to Malshejghat road-Otur-turn right from Otur- follow State highway no.46-Reach to Brahamnwada-take left to Kotul road- take left from Kotul town (ask local people because further the traffic is almost nothing.)-Kothale-Pachani Village. (approx. 190km from Pune)( Approx. travel time 5:00 hours by own vehicle)
ii) Via Sangamner - Pune-Manchar-Narayangaon-Alephata-Sangamner-take left to from bipass highway to Kotul road- take left from Kotul town (ask local people because further the traffic is almost nothing.)-Paithan-Kothale-Pachani Village. (approx. 200 km from Pune)( Approx. travel time 5:30 hours by own vehicle)
B.Pune to Khireshwar -Pune-Manchar-Narayangaon-Alephata-right turn to Malshejghat road-Otur- Kolewadi-Karanjale-Pimpalgaon Joga Dam on right side in the journey- Take right turn on Khubi Phata-go straight-Khireshwar village. ( Approx. travel time 4:30 hours by own vehicle)

About Parking :
Ample place parking is available .

About Stay & Food:
Many Homely stay are available at village. They provide a local veg/non-veg food and night stay to bigger groups too. Even they provide food on the fort. They provide camping too with tents and food.
We use to stay with Mr. Nagesh BoteMob No - 95 615 66 229, 9423 169 404  Who also provide camping, stay and food.
Nagesh Bote - Guide, Stay n Food
Pachnai Village

About Food & Water : 
Home made food available at the base village i.e. Pachanai. Many small restaurants are available on the fort with bottled water and full meal. There is no food on trek route.
Food on the fort
About Trek :
From Pachnai village it will take about 3 hours to trek. there are phases of treks. it goes difficult as go ahead. There are many streams on the trek route in monsoon season. no water in summer so carry water. Take a local guide from village. Its essential. 

What to See :
Harishchnadreshwar Temple - This is historical monument on the fort. Very beautifully built with stones. Its a lord shiva temple. This is the landmark of the fort.
Kedareshwar Caves - The caves are on the top around. there are many small temples on the top of the fort. There are caves here can be seen from main temple of Harishchandreshwar.
Taramati Peak - The peak is highest point on the fort. You need at least 30/40 minutes climb to reach the point. The sunset is very beautiful from the site.
Konkan Kada- Konkan kadaa is the most famous point on the fort. The mighty cliff of the fort is called Konkan kada because it is in direction of Konkan region. The Konkan kada is huge and almost 80 degree steep. Spectacular view of Sahyadri ridges from the konkankada. There is about 30/40 minuted trail to konkan kada from Harishchandreshwar temple. Take help of local guide to find a right way.