Sudhagad fort

Sudhagd Fort Trek
Sudhagad fort trek is one of the easy  trek near Pune and Mumbai.

How to Reach : Sudhagd fort is about 150 km from Pune city.

1.Pune-Talegaon-Lonavla-Khandala-Take Khopoli exit from expressway - left turn from Khopoli to Pali road- Imagica-Pali-Adulse-Pacchapur-Thakurwadi - Base of Sudhagad (135km- 3hrs.)

2.Pune-Paud-Mulashi-Tahmini ghat-Vele-Varchiwadi-Kundalika Rafting-take left to Adulse village-Pacchapur-Thakurwadi (120km-4hrs.)

Parking : Parking is free at the base village.
Food a Water : Food and parking available at the parking. Small restaurants are in the village.
Stay : Home stay are available at Pacchapur, Thakurwadi and Pali village.
Food and Stay also available on top of the fort in the temple by Mr.Gurav Pujari-9273369217 

About Trek : Its about 90 mins. trek. Start trek from Parking itself. There are 2 ladders on the trek where it was difficult. So the trek appears easier. The ladder can not handle many people at the same time, so use the ladder sensibly.After about 50 mins you will reach to Steps. The ascend is very steep.
So take care. The steps become slippery in rainy days.

What to See : After the high steps take left on the bastion and enjoy the view. There is a small secret room in the bastion. Then proceed on the top of the fort. The fort has vast plateau.You need atleast 2 hours to explore the fort. Just watch carefully the path you follow. There are lakes and temples on the top. There lives Gurav family in the temple who is care taker of it. The exit trail not very visible from vast plateau. So keep marking o the trail.
You can see Sarasgad fort, Khandala, Dukes nose, Tailbaila, Ghangad fort etc. from the fort.

Trek Safety : There is hardly mobile coverage on the fort. Some spots are Slippery in the rainy season. The top is vast, so keep routes in mind otherwise possibility to get lost. 

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