Bedse Caves

 Bedse Caves बेडसे लेणी

About Caves :These are Buddhist caves. Smaller in size. Less crowded. Not so known and famous. Peaceful atmosphere. Chaitya, Vihar and Stupas are beautifully carved in the caves. 

Visiting Time : 9 a.m to 6 p.m.

How to Reach :  

About 65 km from Pune. Travel time approx. 90 mins.

By road - Pune - Go on Bangalore - Mumbai Old Highway - Proceed to Mumbai direction - Dehuroad - Talegaon - Vadgaon - Kamshet - 55 k.m. - Take left turn to Pawna (dam) nagar  road - small ghat - cross express way by over bridge - Bedse village - take right turn through village - Kaccha road to caves - this road is narrow and rough - Park vehicle here.

Same road further goes to Pawna dam, Lohgad to Lonavla.

Parking : 

There is no paved parking here, but place for is there for parking.

Food & Stay : 
There is home-stays at nearby villages.
There is a small restaurant in Bedse village. Villagers can provide meal on pre-order basis.
Even hotels are available at Lonavla and Khandala which is hardly 15 km from Bhaje caves. 

What to See :
You need climb steps to reach the caves. It will take approx 20 mins.
The Cave is chaitya with exquisite stupa in it, almost reaching the ceiling. Both sides of the main hall are flanked by octagonal columns of stone.The other large cave chamber is vihara, with nine smaller cells.
Entrance in the cave is decorated with two round pillars and two semi-columns, Each of them has beautiful sculptural groups on cap – humans or deities riding animals like horse, bull, elephant etc.


Nearby Places : Karla-Bhaje caves, Pawna dam, Lohgad fort, Visapur fort, Tikona fort, Tung fort, Lonavla-Khandala 

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