Kukadi River Potholes

रांजण खळगी (कुकडी नदी )- निघोज / टाकळी हाजी 
Potholes - Nighoj / Takali haji
Potholes are major land form created by the erosion work of the river.  In Maharashtra Potholes are found created by the river Kukadi which is the tributary of river Ghod, near to Takli and Nighoj villages in Ahmednagar District.
Because it is situated between Nighoj and Takli Haji, it is recognized on the names of either villages. These two villages are situated on the both sides banks the river Kukadi. 
How to Reach : 
The coordinates are 18.9575° N, 74.2810° E. 
Approx. 75 km from Pune in Ahmednagar district.
Pune- Viman nagar- Wagholi - Lonikand - Koregaon Bhima - Sanaswadi -Shikrapur - Left turn after Shikrapur to Malthan road - Malthan - right turn to Taklihaji - Takli haji - Potholes

Parking : Ample official Parking is available for cars, buses and bikes.
 Stay n Food : Food and Stay available at the spot and near by cities like Shirur. Small restaurants are there with food and water bottles. There is Temple of Malganga devi one side. Because of religious importance there are many options are available. 

What to See : Variety of potholes can be seen in the riverbed of  river Kukadi. The potholes of different ages and shapes are seen. Many Potholes are interconnected with small holes. It will take almost two hours to explore.

Best time to visit in Summer when water level is lowest and riverbed is exposed. 

Precautions : 
  • Use cap/hats, scarf, goggles etc. to protect you from sunlight and heat. Climate is DRY and HOT in summer.
  • The proper care should taken of  hyper energetic youth, kids and old aged persons. 
  • Holes are deep and with sharp edges which can hurt badly and seriously. 
  • More precautions should be taken when doing Photography and selfy. 
  • Some patches are difficult to walk due to sharp rocks. 
  • Some rocks are smooth and slippery.
  • Wear hard soled shoes to walk on solid rocks.
  • Don't step down in the water, you may not have any idea about the depth, shape and sharpness of it.
  • Avoid rainy season.
  • Stop people to throw garbage in the banks of the river.





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